Hollywood Week – Day 1

Oh American Idol you silly silly girl. I don’t know what I was expecting tonight. Scratch that, I knew exactly what I was expecting after the multitude of commercials I saw, leading up to last night. I was expecting to see people falling, fainting, and overall making fools of themselves over the pressure that is Hollywood week. Instead, I get a single fall, in the last minute of the episode and them some ridiculous “To Be Continued…” I was furious. Ok I wasn’t furious, but I felt betrayed by the allure of the commercials as to what this episode would be. As for Symone Black, dear dear Symone, please take comfort in the fact that Steven did the same thing and he was in front of a way bigger audience. He made it out ok and so will you. Not to mention, I’m pretty sure you’re already a better singer than him, as it is. Hopefully you didn’t injur yourself too much.

Back to my previous anger/dismay though. I guess maybe they’re just doing one fall/fainting episode a day? In the commericals they would have you believe that like, 10 people fainted. I seriously don’t remember that many issues in previous auditions. Are they that dull that they have to show all this stuff? I mean, I’m sure people have fainted before, but I don’t really remember them showing it? What’s going on? Was there carbon monoxide in the hotel or something? It just seemed a little odd, and a little… no, odd fits the description pretty darn well, so we’ll stick with that.

Back to the overall episode though… maybe after watching The Voice I was expecting more from you, Hollywood Week. I’m not entirely sure what you were trying to do for me, but I am sure you didn’t do it. It bothered me that they said the judges wouldn’t comment on the talent (that’s part of why I watch, idiots!), and for the most part stayed true to that. Except that they kind of did comment, albeit using loud vocalized pauses while the people were singing, which was really just annoying.

Of the one or two people that we got to see sing, that didn’t make it (minus the montagers, none of which I remember in the auditions, it must’ve been a sign), I was pretty fine with who went home. I was sad to hear that the guy whose dad was a “git fiddle maker” not make it (although I didn’t see them actually say that, I just read he was one of the people who went home) Not to mention the guy born with no ears who got sent home without us getting to hear his audition? That kind of pissed me off. I mean, they made such a big deal when that guy who had the wife/girlfriend in the car accident, whatever happened to her, they made the biggest deal out of him not making it through Hollywood week, why not the guy with no ears? Oh well. I digress. I felt bad for Travis Orlando too (his mom abandoned his family and he had a sickly single dad). Burned again. Poor guy. Guess season 11 wasn’t for him either. Lets get to some of my favorites of the night, though. They were all pretty rapid fire so it was a little difficult to really pin point how good each one was, but there were definitely stand outs. I’ll just do them by quasi-order of appearance, to the best of my abilities.

The first one I liked was Heejun Han. He sang How Am I Supposed to Live Without You. I just love him. I loved that while he was SO lacking in self confidence before the audition, he kind of came out of his shell in his post-audition interview. I hope that even if he doesn’t make it out of Hollywood week, which I could easily foresee happening, that this at least gives him a little more of the confidence he should have.

Lauren Gray, who I definitely liked in her first audition, didn’t wow me as much as I wanted her to in her audition with what I wrote down, was the song You’ll Never Know but I don’t know if that was right. Either way, I definitely thought she’d be on the chopping block. I was glad that she was safe, though.

The Thriller guy, Phillip Phillips, I was worried about him since he lacked the guitar that made me originally swoon for him, and the guy who sang the Golden Ticket song, Reed Grimm, they both took some risks but they made it though so that was good. I liked both of them, for sure. I also really liked the guy, Adam who said there was a large black woman stuck inside him. I don’t remember him at all from the auditions but I liked him a lot.

My favorite three of the night were towards the end. One, I wouldn’t have thought would impress me, and the other two I definitely expected a lot from and they didn’t let me down. The one that didn’t impress me at first, was David, aka the kid who questionably beat Scotty McCreery in a singing competition prior to Idol. I didn’t expect him to go with a Celine song, but I was not only surprised, as I previously mentioned, I was VERY impressed. It was a great song choice. The only thing, Steven,  I don’t believe you have ties, older than David or not. Maybe scarves. Let’s go with scarves. Or drug problems. You definitely have a drug problem older than him. Possibly older than his parents. The other two I liked were Lauren Mink (the girl who works with adults with disabilities) and Jessica Phillips (whose boyfriend had the stroke). Way to not let me down ladies! I see Top 24 for one of you three, at least.

Hopefully the next Hollywood auditions go better. I’ll stay strong! I promise. I’m sure tomorrow will be the same thing… :/

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