American Idol Tid Bits

This is kind of a few posts, withing a single post.
First and foremost, remember when I was furious with Randy? I know, which time was that? I thought it was always? I’m specifically talking about how I was pissed when he was ripping on Broadway as if you needed to be better than Broadway, in order to be on Idol. Yeah, that time. Well it turns out I wasn’t the only one! Famous people were pissed off too. Most notably, a one Betty Buckley. You may remember her from one of her 12 albums, or any one of a number of Broadway shows. She has a career spanning 40+ years. Anyway, what makes her awesome was when she went on an angry tweetscapade against Randy. Here’s what she had to say:

OK, I just have to say this: I am sick & tired of Randy Jackson bashing what they think is Bway singing! It’s soo ludicrous! I have yet to see or hear anyone sound remotely like they are a theatre singer on Idol!! And, further, theatrical singing encompasses every kind of sound, voice & style. He doesn’t know what he’s talkin’ about!!

And by these constant disses he is tellin’ Amer. kids that Bway is some kind of inferior art form. Next to jazz, Broadway is the only indigenous Amer. art form & with respect, ‘Dog’, your opinion is whack & uninformed! I mean, I respect Randy Jackson & everyone certainly has their own likes & dislikes, but THIS constant diss of ‘Bway’ sounding, to his ear, singers is just so ignorant & stupid that I literally cannot comprehend the producers allowing such mendacity in his remarks! Beyond idiotic!!!

Preach it sister! I even went to check out how many Idol stars went on to star in Broadway, you know, because they weren’t on Broadway before Idol, they were on AFTER. Idol helped them earn their spot. That’s where I came across this little snippet from Wikipedia. It’s all the shows/theater/movies that American Idol contestants have done. Turns out 35 of the Idol non-winners, have appeared on the big stage!
It’s kind of amazing to see how much they’ve done. I know how most of the successful people have been doing. I mean, Jennifer Hudson is everywhere, and Smash, which I checked out last night, was ah-mazing. I already wish a Marilyn musical was out! I mean, it wasn’t heavy on Katherine McPhee but I think she clearly has potential in the show.
More amazing though, is how many other singing competitions that Idol contestants have been in. For example, the guy who won the Glee Project last year, Samuel Larsen, only made it to Hollywood week in American Idol.
My favorite person on Holly’s World, Josh Stickland, he’s been on Broadway and is currently star in Peepshow, in Vegas and has a wonderful voice. Guess what though, he was also a Hollywood week reject!
I’m not gonna lie, it also makes me laugh that a fair few of them have been featured on Celebrity Rehab and Sober House. Ah celebrity, it can be a cruel beast.
I’m not going to lie, most of the “shows” they’ve been in have been of the “reality” variety but nevertheless, it’s pretty cool to see what they’ve all been doing since their failure to win the big show, on Idol. It’s also kind of comforting to know that minor favorites that you never really got to see, still can potentially go on to become quasi-famous in other ways.
Finally in my tid-bit of a blog, did anyone watch The Voice? It’s my guilty “I know it’s not Idol” pleasure. The judges are better, you know everyone is going to be good that’s on stage which always makes for a good show, and seeing famous people vie for the non famous, it’s nice to see every once in a while 🙂 I’m not going to write about it because I don’t watch it as religiously as other things, but I’m definitely into 99% of it. The only part I don’t love, besides Christina Aguilera (I’d ask if it’s just me that thinks she’s looking a little like a pale Snooki, but I know it’s not just me because I read that as a comment on twitter), is the musical numbers the judges perform. I don’t hate them, I just think they’re a little cheesy. They can be good, they can be terrible.
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