American Idol – You Can Find Me in St. Lou-eh

It’s never a good thing when the best part of the episode is flashbacks of Carrie Underwoods audition, and the angry cab driver. At first the angry cab driver was kind of pissing me off, but by the end of the episode, I think I was sitting there in the passenger seat agreeing more with him than the judges. I dare say I liked the little montages of bad auditions more than the… what… 5 golden ticket auditions? I’m going go out on a limb and say this was the worst try-out episode to date. Way to end on a bit of a sour note of audition days, Idol folks.

First off we had Johnny Keyser. Originally my only notes were that he was pretty good. His eyes looked a little weird. I guess he could’ve been tired. While I didn’t write a lot about him, he might’ve been my favorite of the evening, when all was said and done.

Then there was Rachelle Lamb, she wasn’t bad but she just fell into the blob of people who’s husbands told them they couldn’t do something and they were out to prove them wrong. More power to them. I’m sure they have reasons to hate those guys. By having so many women tell that story, I just don’t think any of them stood out enough to me, to stand out as individuals. Maybe I just don’t have a great memory. haha. I also wonder, specifically with this dear Rachelle, when she says she was a professional singer, to what capacity? I guess we’ll find out if we see her again.

As for Reis (is that like, the Gaelic spelling? was it Reid and I read it wrong?). I like the bullied kid but I think they either should’ve made him sing some kind of song that he had to really belt out, to prove he can, or maybe just tell the kid he needed a little more hutzpah before he could go through. I just worry, pardon the pun, that his voice is a little wimpy. Don’t get me wrong, he was good, I just don’t know if it has the power it needs. Good voice though.

The contestant I hated the most, maybe next to Rachelle… and I might be in the minority here, was Ethan Jones. Ok, your dad is in rehab, pretty good. I’ll say he had the power in his voice that Reis didn’t have, that’s for sure. You can tell he’d sung at shows where Reis was more of a choir boy, but I’m over “I’ll Be” as an audition song, and I just didn’t think he really did anything for me. Also, Randy’s an idiot. How does this guy look nothing like how he sings? That doesn’t make sense to me. He doesn’t look THAT different. I think that was a song he could totally sing.

I had a lot of hopes for Mark Ingram. He had all the things that the producers do when a guy is going to be good. Letting the whole staff into the audition? Check. Large black guy? Usually good. No one else really bringing anything to the table prior to his performance? I don’t know, I just had a lot of hope for him… but his voice KEPT cracking. And I hate when they say no and the people continue to try. I mean, when it wasn’t cracking it was good, but it cracked 2-3 times.  At least he’s still a happy guy. And I’m sure he’ll sing for you if you ask him.

I guess I was a little off. There were actually 6 contestants shown. And with the final performance we had Lauren Gray – I agree with Jennifer. I think we all needed to hear that. She at least had some personality. I’m not going to lie though, I liked her family more than I liked her. Her dad was adorbs. Maybe she was just more my style than everyone else tonight. Or maybe it was her dad. What an old hippy. God love him.

I guess it was nice of them to show us 6 of the 46 hopefuls that made it through. What’s that like, 1/6th of the people? Blech. come on. Not that they didn’t do that for every other audition too. Can’t wait to see all 310 people bringing it to Hollywood week. I heard a couple of rumors that most of the people we’ve seen audition, won’t make it to the top 24. While I haven’t really invested into any of them yet, I do genuinely hope that a FEW of them make it through. Just so that the auditions weren’t a complete waste of my time. Only time will tell!

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