American Idol – San Diego

So for all you East Coasters, Idol may have been on WELL past your bedtime thanks to overtime playoff games with teams we Baltimore folks couldn’t have cared less about after the Ravens game, but you’re in luck! I was able to at least stay up to make sure I recorded the show as it was starting. Then the crappy weather made it the perfect “work from home” day, aka the “watch American Idol while working on spreadsheets” day. I wasn’t gonna miss the Idol from my favorite city. I love San Diego. Greatest city in world. I wonder why? Well my mom is kind of from there, it has an amazing zoo, seals on the beaches and then there’s the best reason to love the city… I’ll give you a little hint…

I got engaged there! Yey for me! But even more reasons to love the episode, I love the Navy (thank you for your service, Pop). And more than that, I loved seeing people jump for excitement in the very low ceilinged aircraft carrier. I’ve never seen so many people get their heads smacked. People who know me, know that there’s nothing I love more than people that get hit in the head accidentally. It’s hilarious. Thusly, I was sure this would be the greatest episode of idol ever! And with a lot to live up to, I believe whole heartedly that it succeeded. At least, as far as the greatest episodes of the season.

It’s kind of ironic. With Pittsburgh, I know I moaned on and on about how they could only show a single person not making it onto the show and how angry I was with the entire hour. Funny what not liking a city will do to you. haha. There were more reasons though. I think you remember how mad I was when they kept letting crappy 15 year olds through. The same thing happened in this episode, in that they let everyone through, but there’s a big difference. See, on this episode, the bad one they showed was pretty bad (yes I’m looking at you Miss Bikini-bod), and those that were good, were REALLY good. There were two people that I loved so so much that I was blinded to anything I may have even remotely hated about the episode.

The only thing I kind of wish I would’ve seen, I didn’t even know I missed. Maybe it’s just me but throughout the year I hear new songs and think “I can’t wait to see the people on American Idol try this song”. Especially when it’s a difficult song, like “Set Fire to the Rain”, “Someone Like You” or any song Lea Michele or Amber Riley sing on Glee. And then Steven goes and says he couldn’t wait to hear 40 people sing the same Adele song. They must have all sucked super duper bad because I haven’t heard anyone sing any Adele songs this season and while I thought it was a bit weird, the producers are right. I don’t want to hear a crappy version of an amazing song. No one wants their favorite song ruined by someone trying out for Idol. I’ll take a single great version of a diva song, over 20 horrible versions of a diva song (I’ve changed so much since seasons passed).

Let’s start out with that great diva song… I Will Always Love You (a Whitney/Dolly Parton classic) This is one of those Idol “could be a disaster” songs. Not to mention, if you don’t remember Syesha Mercado’s version, I can at least guarantee Randy does and I’m sure that’s a bar he has set for the song. Not to mention all the times it’s been ruined. Luckily for all of us, Ashley was along the likes of Syesha, rather than the nameless horribles. Man can she carry a tune. She’s got the power that bikini-bod only packed in her top. I also loved that they just let her sing. That’s how you really know someone is good, when they don’t get cut off. It’s always a good sign. Hopefully she won’t be the Pia Toscano of this season, only singing ballads and being forgotten sooner than she should be. Hopefully her DJing background will help her let her funky out. Check out this youtube video I found of her as well, which proves that not only can she sing, but she can play piano (my secret weakness for liking contestants, yes, even Scotty McIntyre). Hopefully we get to see that on the big stage.

I liked Aubrey Deckmeyer and Jim Carrey’s daughter whose name escapes me, who were not fantastic but worthy of a pass through. Ok I’m lying. I really didn’t like Jim Carrey’s daughter. She was ok but she wasn’t any kind of wow. I’m glad she doesn’t seem to rely on her dads success to get her places but that doesn’t mean you deserve to go to those places, specifically, Hollywood. As for boys, I really liked Jayrah for his funness and Kyle Cruz, the frat boy I wanted to hate but couldn’t because his voice was pretty stellar. At least the judges told him to change his look. I think that’ll help. You can’t rely on kind of looking like Jason Segal. None of these were my faves though, which bring me to my best of the night.

You may not know this about me but I love CCR. I looooove CCR. By far one of my favorite bands. So, obviously, I wanted to like the Wolfman right off the bat. Knowing he was the last of the night I was pretty sure he’d be awesome (seems to be a trend for the “last of the night”). He didn’t disappoint me in the slightest. And then to play some Johnny Cash right after, I’m sold. And then he breaks the set dancing… I was smitten. Not AS smitten as I was with my favorite though, because I’m hook line and sinker for her! (oh and one more thing Mr. Wolfman, can you please, please stop using the word “git-fiddle”? I’m already over it).

Finally , I have saved the best, for last. My best anyway.

Ali Sheilds. Dear sweet Ellen loving Ali Shields. How can anyone that’s appeared on Ellen for writing a song to her, be bad? The answer, is no one. Ellen is synonymous with awesome things.  It’s a proven FACT. She’s adorable and is instantly my favorite. Before I even heard her sing (which is a bit of a lie because I saw her on Ellen. And trust me Ali, Ellen is right, anything IS possible… when you know Ellen. I’m pretty sure that’s guaranteed). I loved your rap, I loved you singing Corinne Bailey Rae (albeit not AS good as the rapping). I love you! I love your excitement and your dancing and your face. The only thing that bothered me a little, were you wearing the same thing that you wore on Ellen? That’s a little weird. I don’t care though. I still love you. You’re instantly my favorite, no matter how far you end up getting. Call it the Ellen factor but your attitude is infectious. I could watch you for hours. Can she just have her own show? She doesn’t even need Idol. How can anyone have not liked the episode after seeing Ali? It’s pretty much impossible so I’ll just assume you all loved it too.

**sidenote** Steven Tyler singing the national anthem… I don’t know if any of you are on twitter and more specifically, were on twitter when Steven was singing but the 140 character jabs were coming fast and furious, and they were hilarious. And really was he that bad? To me, if you ask for Steven Tyler (sans band of course), you know what you’re going to get and I don’t think it was any shocker that it sounded the way it did. He has sounded that way for 40 years. You just get blinded by his not great voice when he’s singing a song with the band. I think had the band been there, it could’ve been way more awesome.

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