American Idol – Pittsburgh

I’m not going to lie. This was one of the most disappointing episodes of American Idol I have ever watched. What has this show come to?

After watching Steven Tyler on Oprah’s Next Chapter (a fantastic show that I highly recommend), I’m beginning to think his hippy self is full of crap. You told Oprah that while you don’t like to be mean, some of these kids just need a few years at some dive bars to perfect their craft, the way it used to be pre-reality tv show days. Then I watch this episode and it’s all too clear that he doesn’t want to tell people how unprepared they are for the limelight. J.Lo probably has something to do with it too. I thought Ellen was bad but these two just take the cake. It drives me nuts that they don’t tell these little 15 year olds that they aren’t good enough yet. THEY ARE 15. It’s ok to not be good enough yet. They can’t just expect to get to Hollywood. Hollywood is for grown-ups. Ok, grown-ups and Disney stars. Are you worried with all this bullying nonsense that they’re gonna go home and do something destructive? They aren’t. You’re only making it worse letting them come out to Hollywood only to crush their even higher dreams there. People need to know that not everyone can get on the show, and you have to show people not getting onto the show ON THE SHOW. And yet all we got as far as negative comments was towards the coal miner who “just wasn’t ready yet” and a bunch of kind of crying but not really that upset contestants walking outside talking about how they’d be back next year.

I was ok with the positivity yesterday because all but 2 of the people chosen, were most likely ready for Hollywood week; but to only show a single person in an entire HOUR worth of show that doesn’t make it in, poor kid. They couldn’t show anyone worse than him? I’m sure they existed. This is Pittsburgh we’re talking about here. Last time I checked, Pittsburgh is the worst (sorry, I’m from Baltimore, they breed us to think like that). Speaking of which, I did secretly love that a girl from Baltimore was called the best of the night (even if she wasn’t the best of the night… sorry Holly). Now she’s a perfect example of the judges hearing a story, knowing she was good enough for a girl group some odd years ago, and letting her through on that alone. Nevertheless, the fact that she’s a local was a little icing on my cupcake of a horrible, horrible episode.

While yesterday I only talked about the kids I like, I have to talk about the people that just shouldn’t have been given the golden tickets because they stick out in my mind more than anything else.

Evan, dear Evan. I loved how much your Momma loved you and how proud she was of you no matter what happened. It made me feel good for what I believed was your inevitable “no vote” because you aren’t good enough yet. Momma Bear would be there to protect you and tell you that it’s ok. Boy was I wrong. So, so wrong. And you do NOT look like Justin Beiber. Do celebrities think you just have to be a white kid with dirty blonde hair and look too young for your age to be called a Beiber look-a-like on this show? The Ryan Seacrest look-a-like, now THAT was a look-a-like. Evan is no such thing.

And the “planking sister” – if I could’ve reached through my television and grabbed her off the show myself, I would’ve. Your sister was great. She didn’t need you and she will never need you there, planking. It was pathetic. Pathetic and unnecessary. And not funny. Did I mention it was not funny? It was terribly not funny.

Finally, and I promise this will be my last rant and then I’ll try to be more positive. The kid who wrote his own song (which was awful but I think he knew that so I won’t hold that against him) was not that good. He was ok. I don’t hate them for allowing him through. But I think he should’ve had to beg, or sing another song, something. For Randy to say 1 million percent yes, was 1 million percent more wrong. And then to have J.Lo and Steven go even higher… ugh. To be soooo overly positive about his performance was wholly unnecessary.

Man it feels good to let that out. Let me try and make the best of what I at least liked about the episode. There were definitely a rare few that I did enjoy. Reed, hello there dear Reed. You rocked my world. You had me at the Family Matters theme song. Yeah baby! First of all, a classic, and I love people who take a song you would never think would make sense and just blow it out of the water. I loved it! **sidenote** can someone do either the Full House theme song or the Who’s the Boss? theme song next? Thanks! And Reed, I hope you go far because your originality in song choice makes me hope for top 12 when you can really bring that originality and wow some people.

I also liked the guy who went first, Heejun Han. He was also one of those, “Oh wow you can kind of sing” and I love a diamond in the rough quality ala Casey Abrams 🙂 Especially since I think if there’s one group that always gets bashed on in the show it’s foreigners. I mean, you can tell by the people they show why they get bashed, but I’m glad they finally found someone to prove those haters wrong.

I kind of liked the Baltimore girl (Holly) as I said above but if I had a favorite girl it was definitely the wedding singer, Erica Van Pelt. I agreed that her voice fit her look and I hope she does well. I feel like wedding singers have definitely been on the show before but I like that she seems to actually like what she does because it’s another outlet and she didn’t say that she does it just for a paycheck. It’s nice to hear.

So that’s all I’ve got for this episode. I have higher hopes for St.Louis since it’s on after the football game. It’s GOT to be better than last night. Right? Hopefully? How can anything be worse than last night… please don’t make me bite my tongue American Idol, or we’re going to have words.

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One thought on “American Idol – Pittsburgh

  1. I actually missed about half the show, and wasn’t disappointed that I did. That’s how bad I thought it was. I don’t even remember any of the people except for the coal miner guy, and the wedding singer girl. I really wanted the coal miner guy to break out into some Loretta Lynn, Coal Miner’s Daughter. That was what kept going through my head while he was talking.

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